Divergent Training Program

An online training program for athletes who want to get better at the sport of CrossFit. The program comes in three different divisions: Elite, RX and Intermediate.

Divergent 60

The Divergent60 program is designed for Intermediate and RX level athletes that's looking for a shorter CrossFit program with well thought out strength progressions and fun workouts.

Divergent Powerlifting

Are you a CrossFit-athlete or strength athlete that are looking to get stronger? The Divergent Powerlifting Program is designed for individuals who want to focus on increasing muscular size while improving strength in the powerlifts.

Individual Design

Interested in one-on-one coaching? Contact us and we will tell you more about it.

Divergent Weightlifting

Looking to improve your olympic lifts and squat strength? The Divergent Weightlifting Program focuses towards improving your technique and strength in the snatch, squat clean and split jerk, as well as your back/front squat.

Divergent Gymnastics

Coming Soon.